With Earth Earth in lockdown, our
marketplace at a standstill and many of us in self-isolation or quarantine at
household, or grounded, this is our site for you – it’s a way to share stories
in just our group, to sort solidarity and foster a feeling of belonging.

Short essays on what we are each and every doing, how we are having through this darkest hour in journey, how are we managing withdrawal signs from journey, what we intend to do with this down time, a term we want to concentrate on, a would like we have or simply, an important matter you want to share with your journey buddies at this time.

Lockdown on a private island

What’s lifestyle
like when you are locked down on a private island? Effectively, Josh Porter, guest
relations supervisor of Cempedak, will get helpful with the animals. Watch this – a
young Attenborough in the generating.

Take note:
We will be jogging this site for as lengthy as we have to have to, to get us through this.
If you would like to contribute, remember to ship your essays to
Siew Hoon. Send photographs way too, it’s
your tale