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7 Ways to get free and secure WiFi while travelling

Wi-Fi on the road can be free of charge, but not essentially protected. Ahead of seeking into how to get free of charge Wi-Fi on the go, let us to start with go to to the “secure.”
Safety though working with a community Wi-Fi services is a paramount thought. When in doubt, really do not log on. Getting and broadcasting in the open with out the protection of a VPN like Surfshark is the equivalent of chatting on an previous-fashioned phone get together line.

Very first Matters Very first: Safety

Person-in-the-Middle attacks
The pitfalls of working with a community Wi-Fi

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The 7 Stages to the New Normal

Shifting the way we travel would have been unthinkable at the stop of 2019. But now we have to settle for it. The travel world has been turned upside down. How can we get back to a normal continual state and how does that take place? Welcome the 7 stages of the new normal, writes Timothy O’Neil-Dunne, principal, 777 Partners.

Timothy O’Neil-Dunne shares his ideas on the 7 stages of finding back to the New Regular

There is an
expectation largely driven by hope – which we all know is not a technique – that
the present global lock down

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