At the very least 7 mail-in military ballots marked for President Donald Trump had been discovered discarded in Pennsylvania, the Justice Department has verified. Trump also named consideration to thrown-out absentee ballots in Wisconsin.

The DOJ verified community experiences that 9 military mail-in ballots experienced been recovered by investigators in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania on Thursday. 7 experienced been marked for Trump, and two had been sealed in their envelopes, with the voter’s range not obvious. Not all of the ballots could be attributed to certain voters.

The department’s inquiry is reportedly “ongoing,” and US Legal professional David Freed promised to share the outcomes with county officers later on in the day. An previously statement reporting all 9 of the military ballots had been marked for Trump was withdrawn and reissued with the clarified numbers. Luzerne County District Legal professional Stefanie Salavantis started looking into difficulties with mail-in ballots previous 7 days, passing it on to federal authorities on Monday.

In a statement to reporters on Thursday, Trump described the discarded Pennsylvania ballots, as properly as a handful of Wisconsin absentee ballots that had been reportedly discarded “in a river.

We have to be incredibly watchful with the ballots… it is a complete major fraud,” he included.

When a reporter corrected his claim that “they toss them out if they have the Trump identify on them,” arguing that the ballots had been unmarked, the president reiterated that they had been nevertheless discovered in the river.

We want to make guaranteed the election is genuine, and I’m not guaranteed that it can be… with this complete problem,” he ongoing, blaming “unsolicited ballots… thousands and thousands remaining despatched to most people.

FBI Director Christopher Wray addressed Trump’s warnings of possibly looming election fraud, insisting his company experienced not observed “any variety of coordinated national voter fraud in a big election, whether it is by mail or normally” through sworn testimony just before Congress on Thursday. Nonetheless, he admitted the FBI experienced observed voter fraud “at the community amount.” 

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Early voting has begun in quite a few states across the US, and many have extended mail-in voting dates due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Trump has continuously warned this opens the election up to unparalleled fraud, while Democrats have attempted to downplay the myriad previous occasions of voter fraud in states like California, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and elsewhere.

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