Becoming a member of in the struggle of numerous other metropolitan areas, Prague calls for that the EU can take motion versus the explosive growth of the platforms like Airbnb. The authorities strategy to fight Airbnb in an effort and hard work to halt the growth of mass tourism in the town centre.

The mayor of the Czech cash, Zdenek Hrib, elected by the liberal Czech Pirate Bash, stated the situation: “Airbnb in Prague is a serious issue. It has an unrestricted lodging capacity in the town at a time when the town centre is significantly concerned about mass tourism.” In the town centre on your own, Airbnb has a whole of 11,500 apartments on present.

Apolena Rychlíková, a filmmaker and journalist who initiated a campaign versus the growth of shorter-term rentals, is upset with the town hall for “…ignoring the issue with Airbnb for 5 yrs. As a resident of downtown Prague, I feel like a stranger in my have city”.

Mr. Hrib stated that the goal now is to “give Prague again to the people of Prague” and to lower the detrimental consequences of mass tourism. The mayor provides that the town is now “a dispersed lodge, the place the convenience of other citizens, the people, are not highly regarded, and revenue is sought at their price.” The mayor believes that the deficiency of regulation is consuming the town up from the within.

“In the past, it was doable to limit the amount of holidaymakers in the town by approving a specific amount of lodges, which could only have a specific capacity,” Mr. Hrib mentioned. “Now, in Prague, it is not doable to limit the lodging capacity of holidaymakers. The numbers are utterly critical.”

Prague acquired nearly eight million holidaymakers in 2018 though the population is only 1.three million. Airbnb lodging has nearly tripled in 3 yrs to about 13.000, with about 50.000 beds. This has brought about an raise in sound and disturbance for people. House and rental costs skyrocketed and drove neighborhood people out of the housing market.

Prague needs to be part of the record of places that have appear jointly to fight Airbnb and its detrimental consequences. Between the metropolitan areas that have claimed the issue to the European Union are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and Vienna.