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updated: Jul 11, 2021 11:00 PDT

Switching Battery Inc. has unveiled an modern electronic system for the connection of batteries termed “para-collection”. 

The patent-pending para-sequence method is centered on dynamically switching a group of batteries concerning series and parallel connections. As these two relationship schemes have complementary properties, the para-sequence method can yield the ideal consequence for the output voltage. When two 3.7V batteries are connected in para-series, the voltage of 5.55V is the common voltage amongst parallel and series connections when at 50-50 parallel-collection obligation cycle.

“By just modifying the obligation cycle in between the parallel and sequence circuits, it is now probable to have 100% parallel or 100% series circuits as very well as any combination in-amongst, to make exact voltage required by the load or system,” says Singapore-born inventor Kannappan Chettiar.    

The most vital characteristics of the para-collection is that the output voltage can be repeatedly altered in a large assortment by merely altering the responsibility cycle of the switching sign. Additional as a single switching frequency is applied that can be as lower as the typical 50/60Hz line frequency. This strongly reduces the electromagnetic interferences (EMI) and the have to have to comply with EMI restrictions.

The State of Charge of the procedure batteries is instantly rebalanced and the remaining charge redistributed between the batteries. A weak battery is continuously recharged by the other types, thus averting a common failure owing to a one battery. This rebalancing functions from the very begin right before any cost unbalance can produce and set the procedure at risk. Batteries of unique measurements can also be utilized in the same method, supplying good overall flexibility in the battery pack structure.

To exhibit an example of the effect with batteries of various capacities, suppose we have two batteries, one particular of 1 Ah potential and the other of 2 Ah, linked in series. When the 1st battery has delivered 90% of its demand (i.e. . 9 Ah) its voltage drops to a incredibly minimal value and the series is no extended usable. The second battery, possessing experienced the similar present-day (sequence link), also delivered .9 Ah. The technique, as a result, becomes unusable when it has sent 2 x .9 Ah = 1.8 Ah, or only 60% of the whole of 3 Ah of the two batteries. 40% of the vitality is now unusable.

In the para-sequence method, the battery with 2Ah capacity battery recharges the other one particular in the parallel section for that reason the program will be discharged when the two batteries have supplied 90% of their charge only 10% will be unusable. This 30% savings opportunity is quite vital due to the fact it always makes it possible for utmost efficiency in the use of batteries that have unique capacities, a various condition of charge, and also that above time have made unique properties. 

Switching Battery Inc. ( is a tech startup founded by Chettiar. 

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