Purely natural handmade soap bars are manufactured from all-natural oils and butters and skin-secure colorants and fragrances. Some have luxurious substances that are not conveniently located this kind of as Tussah Silk fibers, which have been responsibly sourced from respected soap source suppliers in the United states of america. This sort of “particular” luxurious substances, which includes numerous distinctive clays, tussah silk, colloidal oats, and activated charcoal, deliver additional particular attributes to your bar of soap which improves that luxurious bar encounter.

Push Release

current: Sep 12, 2020 08:00 EDT

Designer MJ from MJ Chandler’s Corner is releasing the brand name-new Signature Pet Savers Selection, and each individual products will be separately manufactured by the designer herself. The Signature Pet Savers Selection will be produced on Sept. 15, 2020.

Simply click here to see the signature collection – https://mjchandlerscorner.com/products-group/signature-collection-handmade-soaps/

MJ Chandler’s Corner has a enthusiasm for assisting pet lovers and fur-mom and dad who want handmade soap the chance to enjoy the encounter of a luxurious tub products while knowing that component of the gains goes to support a local pet shelter. The donations help feed and shelter abandoned fur-babies currently in animal shelters and come across them a fur-at any time residence — a residence where they can be fur-at any time beloved! The pet lover’s day-to-day shower will then uniquely remind them of their component in assisting to help you save the lifestyle of an abandoned or shed pet.

Therefore, for the 1st time, MJ has developed an overall products line of her favourite and most preferred pet lover’s handmade bar soaps. The new Signature Pet Savers Selection is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, Sept. fifteen, 2020.

The collection will be completely marketed on the web page https://mjchandlerscorner.com,  where the limited goods are scheduled to market out by the close of the year.

The main line of the Signature Selection all-natural soap bars is designed to showcase Pet Enthusiasts and Fur-Dad and mom, with a particular emphasis on cats, to make fur-mom and dad experience as although they were being getting residence yet another fur-child in the shape of an cute soap bar.

Several goods arrive in stylish “real life” fur-child colours and coat styles to closely mimic that of a pet.

Some bar soaps are manufactured from vegan oils and butters, which usually means vegan soap potential buyers will have an solution as very well. 

Her collection also contains mini paw print guest soap bar sets to use as vacation soaps, or very last-minute stocking stuffers if you are organizing that much forward.

Every specific, all-natural, handmade soap bar has its have identify, for case in point:

•   Tabby Cat Bride (with two different bridal veil style designs. Certainly, she even as a veil!)

•   Tuxedo Groom Cat (That’s the catch. He’s a Tuxedo Cat, who is the groom – so he’s currently carrying a Tux) Simply click here to see the groom – https://mjchandlerscorner.com/products/groom-cat-pure-organic and natural-soap/ 

See you in the shop!

Supply: MJ Chandler’s Corner, LLC