MedWaves AveCure microwave ablation process supplies neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon with a new device to deal with a tumor in a site wherever resection is unachievable

Health care provider Adrian Santana, a neurosurgeon at the main general public hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico, correctly handled a large sacral plasmacytoma working with the MedWaves AveCure Microwave Ablation (MWA) process, designed and created in San Diego, CA, to decrease discomfort, restore urinary functionality, and going for walks in a month. Microwave energy was utilized to the very vascular tumor working with a minimally invasive surgical system with an MWA process, C-arm, and microscope. The patient continued to get well without the need of chemo and radiation remedy, and MRI at the 4-month follow-up confirmed total tumor destruction.

Source: MedWaves, Inc.