Codenamed Lockhart, the more affordable, fewer highly effective design could be the initially in a vary of “Project Scarlett consoles”, and factors to a crucial aspect of Microsoft’s pricing technique.

Challenge Scarlett, Microsoft’s unique name for its Xbox Sequence X console, has been long rumoured to encompass two future-gen consoles underneath the names Anaconda and Lockhart.

In March, curious technophiles have been brief to find that etched in the Xbox Sequence X mainboard is an Anaconda, foremost to rumours that the launch of a 2nd console, Lockhart, was nevertheless on the playing cards.

Now, a newly leaked Microsoft document posted on Twitter has reignited the statements, detailing a Lockhart profiling manner as aspect of the Xbox Sequence X developer package. 

This manner will enable builders to take a look at out their video games at the general performance Microsoft aims to achieve with its future console, recognized to be about 50 percent the featuring in conditions of RAM (7.5GB versus Xbox Sequence X thirteen.5GB), as very well as a somewhat slower CPU velocity. 

The 2nd console will of study course be presented at a reduce selling price level for gaming at 1080p or 1440p, two of the most well-known resolutions utilized by Computer system gaming screens.

While Microsoft has still to admit the existence of Lockhart, the name can also be observed within the Xbox One’s OS together with references to Anaconda and Dante. 

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The market expects that Lockhart will be unveiled at the same time as the Xbox Sequence X, potentially underneath the name Xbox Sequence S, describing why Microsoft trademarked the Xbox Sequence branding. 

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