We encourage our clients to evaluate their own systems and procedures. Pull all partners into one “room” or group to reduce the effect of silos and drive alignment. Integrate data across sales and media channels. Share best practices across teams and partners, and monitor the competitive scene to see what’s relevant.

Getting to this level of data fluidity has not only led to consistent double-digit e-commerce growth for certain brands, it’s empowered our aforementioned CPG client to better negotiate data sharing with key retailers, forming a mutually beneficial foundation for a more informed and impactful e-commerce strategy.

Optimize on a loop

Our typical marketing culture involves evaluating performance one campaign at a time. Agencies, including ours, are guilty of this. We know the e-commerce business doesn’t operate on a schedule; consumer data flows nonstop. So why aren’t we applying this continuous learning, optimizing campaigns throughout their cycles?

The true benefit of end-to-end commerce is achieved when the ends meet and become a constantly running loop. One of our large electronics clients operates its e-commerce operation with our agency embedded at every step. We track media analytics, social campaigns, merchant feeds, supply chain indicators, and inventory, shifting campaigns in real-time based on a holistic view of all data. There is no beginning or end, just a continuous drive to improve the consumer experience and optimize sales.

The new purchase journey is an ongoing loop, and businesses must adapt in the process. Scale what strikes a chord with customers. Track major commerce trends and ongoing performance as a team. This shift builds an entrepreneurial culture, with a constant test-and-learn attitude more akin to a startup than a Fortune 500 business unit. It has fundamentally reshaped the agency-client relationship, and our approach to the end consumer as well.