Without the incentives that worked best before the pandemic, we needed new ways to reward our millions of premium members. To deliver delightful and engaging new experiences, we invested in virtual events and personalized in-store service. We also introduced by-appointment browsing and contactless purchase options as added benefits.

To invest in your most loyal customers, take the time to get to know them and what they need. Because we listened to our own premium customer base, we understood that only a seamless and convenient app experience would keep them motivated and engaged.

Adapt to emerging trends

E-commerce is changing each day as expectations rise. People want brands to be there for them with quick and easy ways to shop, browse, and stay connected in an increasingly contactless environment. Apps give us the runway to innovate and keep our loyal customers engaged. Now people can see what a shoe looks like using augmented reality or put themselves first in line to purchase a new product by completing a fitness challenge.