Glucose Revival sending totally free help to the diabetic heroes on the frontlines. American health care staff are legitimate heroes. Glucose revival will come to their help.

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up-to-date: Apr 17, 2020 05:20 PDT

Glucose Revival Corporation’s passion to assist American wellness treatment staff aiding in the battle versus COVID-19 qualified prospects to proving their proprietary emergency glucose healthcare help, the Prosper Glucose Necklaces, to diabetic health care staff across The usa at no demand.

The Prosper Glucose Necklace can right away administer glucose in emergency and life-threatening reduced blood sugar scenarios. Thrive Glucose Necklace is the only wearable glucose help in the world, enabling folks to have quick accessibility to emergency glucose in just seconds, 24 several hours a day.

In accordance to the Diabetes Analysis Institute Foundation, one particular out of ten folks, 34.2 million folks, or ten.5% of the U.S. populace, have diabetic issues in the Usa. It is one particular of the major seven medical ailments that raise the challenges of dying from COVID-19.

Persons with Diabetes (PWD), without warning at any time, can deal with emergency reduced blood sugar problems. This can cause PWD to turn into faint or pass out. Moreover, delaying therapy can cause depreciating cognitive pondering, which can direct to seizures or even dying. There is severe and extraordinary stress on healthcare professionals thanks to COVID-19, which compounds the need for an speedy glucose help accessible to them 24 several hours a day.

Glucose Revival is the only firm that provides a wearable emergency glucose help. Its help is worn close to the neck, made up of the similar substance made use of by EMTs for low blood sugar, and contains the same amount of glucose the American Diabetes Association suggests just about every diabetic to carry. This permits diabetics to have emergency glucose ready and accessible 24 several hours a day. The glucose necklace attaches with a magnetic clasp so the necklace can effortlessly be pulled off and the glucose can be right away eaten.

Kris Maynard the company’s president reported, “Since of the devastation inside the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Glucose Revival built a choice to give our Prosper Unexpected emergency Glucose Necklaces to diabetic health care staff across The usa at no demand.” He further said, “These wellness treatment staff are doing work challenging, putting their life on the line and making substantial sacrifices when aiding Us residents who are unwell, suffering and dying from COVID-19.”

Maynard is now looking for assist from leaders in congress and governors throughout The usa to get the term out about his totally free glucose necklaces to services this sort of as hospitals, clinics, and other entities caring for all those stricken with COVID-19.

Healthcare professionals with diabetic issues can signal up for their totally free Prosper Glucose necklace at

Maynard is the company’s founder, a diabetic, firefighter and EMT at Fairchild Air Power Foundation Fire Department. He selected his occupation to assist folks, and that is why he invented the Prosper wearable emergency glucose products and solutions. 

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