A fourth whistleblower has occur forward to defend two senior OPCW inspectors who unveiled the watchdog attempted to address up proof in the Douma chemical weapons probe, stating that other staff have been “frightened into silence.”

In a statement to the Grayzone, the most recent whistleblower claimed they have been “horrified” but “unsurprised” by the latest situations inside the corporation, describing the “mistreatment” of “two really regarded and completed professionals” as “abhorrent.”

The employee wrote that he is “one of a lot of who have been shocked and frightened into silence by the reality how the corporation operates,” and that the “threat of private harm” to those people who talk out is “not an illusion.” 

The fourth whistleblower emerged immediately after the OPCW management tried to smear and discredit veteran inspector Ian Henderson and an unique recognised as ‘Alex’ who challenged the organization’s narrative on the alleged Syrian authorities attack on Douma in 2018. A 3rd whistleblower has also previously defended the integrity of the to start with two who spoke out and expressed concern for the protection and stability of those people who dissent from the formal narrative.

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The Grayzone claimed it experienced independently confirmed the id of the fourth whistleblower and their position at the OPCW, but granted them anonymity “to guard them from probable retaliation.”

Very last week, Henderson and ‘Alex’ the two wrote to OPCW Director-Basic Fernando Arias, accusing the corporation of attempting to “smear” their reputations and questioning why two leading inspectors with “impeccable records” would abruptly “go rogue.” The letters followed an exertion by the chemical weapons watchdog to discredit them, rubbish their critical problems, and frame them merely as two disgruntled previous staff.

“I fully assist their endeavors, in that it is for the bigger excellent and not for private attain or in the identify of any political agenda,” the fourth whistleblower wrote, incorporating that the inspectors are “trying to guard the integrity of the corporation which has been hijacked and introduced into shameful disrepute.”

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Just after a comprehensive analyze, Henderson, who led the probe on the ground in Douma, concluded that gas cylinders found at the scene experienced possible been manually placed, which indicates the attack might have been a untrue flag staged by anti-authorities militants. The incident, even so, was quickly employed to justify US, United kingdom and French airstrikes on Syria prior to OPCW investigators experienced even arrived at the scene.

Nevertheless, the OPCW disregarded Henderson’s proof with no explanation and in its formal report implied that the gas cylinders have been dropped by Syrian armed forces planes – allegedly immediately after “unacceptable pressure” was used by the US authorities.

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