Oliver Jolivet has committed above two decades of his job to the enterprise of luxury.

Attributing his uncompromising stance on model building to his French heritage and background, he believes that time and authenticity perform large roles in offering a effectively-positioned luxury encounter in the hospitality market.

Stepping into his position as the chief govt with Como Group, Jolivet pushes the standing quo with exclusivity and novelty in ordeals.

At the coronary heart of it all, Jolivet carries the model even further by way of empathetic and real relationship building with the people who matter the most – the guests.

In this article Breaking Journey News finds out extra.

Breaking Journey News: What would make a hotel stay with Como exceptional?

Oliver Jolivet: Everything is tailor built for you and only you.

The change among a fantastic hotel and an outstanding hotel is the assistance.

In the stop, it is all about our people.

BTN: Why do you think people are inclined to pay out a premium for an exceptional encounter?

OJ: Men and women pay out a premium for a thing they will recall, for a thing they enjoy.

There is a large change among a commodity enterprise and selling a luxury encounter and it is not always scalable.

BTN: How do you retain premium clientele – how do you entice them to continue keeping within Como Group’s set of houses?

OJ: Recognition, recognition and recognition. It signifies your consideration to particulars ought to be the best.

BTN: Anything at all exciting coming to the Como Group in 2020?

OJ: New locations and new ordeals like the Film Images retreat in Bhutan in partnership with award-winning photographer Michael Turek and All-natural World Safaris.

There is also the start of Como Club, our model-new recognition programme, combining all Como enterprises (hospitality, wellness, manner, life-style, sport), and a new solution line for Como Shambhala, our award-winning wellness idea. 

BTN: How do you retain a level of change when in contrast to other boutique inns?

OJ: Como and its enterprises are exceptional in the luxury landscape.

Because its inception, shareholders stayed the identical, which gives stability to the organisation and the possibility to think extensive time period.

It is a huge aggressive benefit specially when recruiting the proper skills.

BTN: When determining new spots for Como Group’s inns or other property, what do you glance for?

OJ: The soul 1st – despite the fact that it’s complicated to say.

For a hotel the spot is important, you can always build around the material.

For an e-enterprise it will be its disruption issue as effectively as its limited-time period likely.

For a athletics enterprise, it will be its means to catch the attention of new talent.

BTN: How do you retain these a consistent, high quality encounter throughout all Como Group’s owned houses?

OJ: A apparent talent retention programme as effectively as consistent schooling at all stages.

The employees turnover is the least expensive I have seen so far.

Our workers ought to feel fantastic and this is always a precedence for me.

We are aiming to accelerate in this direction to generate a authentic aggressive edge.

Much more Information

In light-weight of new developments – which include a loyalty application by way of the Como Club – set to manifest this 2020, Jolivet narrows down the level of change that elevates and keeps the model in its pristine amount – a concentrate on generating exceptional, luxury ordeals for its guests.

With the understanding that encounter-driven and reliable stays are critical differentiators in the hospitality market, Como Group builds ideas around the spot and the story it tells.

Helming the Como Group, Jolivet considers high resilience and an innovative way of thinking critical to nurturing the aggressive benefit that is vital to preserve the model rising as a life-style aggregator although adding extra enterprise functions to it.

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