one. Context, often

Though this is a world-wide pandemic, its influence is community. We have located it valuable to carry that imagining into the evaluation of our advertising and marketing strategies. Our world-wide groups are supplying guidance centrally, but we have located it’s best to believe in every market to make selections regionally. In other phrases: course from the center, but selections on the ground.

At a very realistic stage, we have built out a centralized, shared spreadsheet for all paid out and owned methods throughout markets, so we can seize and master from what is being determined regionally. Every crew around the globe has access to this worksheet in actual time.

A single case in point of what we have figured out from this shared context: As curiosity in news surges around the globe, there are quite a few much more ad impressions being served in the news category. We’re having to talk to ourselves, “In what situations are we at ease placing our brand together with news articles?” This discussion, and community nuance, has helped us make selections, particularly around the use of paid out social media. Local context is important.

Guiding concern: Is this marketing campaign suitable, provided the latest context in a community market?